Are you looking for an Attorney in Las Vegas who focuses on Domestic Violence and DUI Defense? Or maybe you are having a financial problem and need a bankruptcy attorney in Las Vegas? Advanced Litigation Services is owned and operated by Nevada licensed attorneys who are here to assist you in any legal situation. We offer Las Vegas litigation services for all types of individuals who live in Las Vegas, or individuals that are here on vacation visiting Las Vegas. We guarantee aggressive representation in criminal or financial matters for an affordable flat fee for the entire case so you know what you are paying up front and not billed excessive hourly rates. The lawyers at Advanced Litigation Services, Inc., are ready to help you with your legal problems.

Our attorneys are proud to represent individuals who have been accused of both misdemeanor and serious felony crimes. We have successfully resolved thousands of cases achieving dismissals, not guilty verdicts at trials, and reduction of charges to lesser offenses via successful plea negotiations. Our attorneys know the law and the local government and court system in Las Vegas. We are in the local Clark County courts everyday, including those in Las Vegas, Henderson, Goodsprings, Boulder City, and North Las Vegas.

At Advanced Litigation Services, Inc., we develop an aggressive defense when you are accused by the government of a crime, and take a personal interest in every client if they are going through a legal predicament. We represent you like you are a family member, and will not stop until you get the result that is needed for your particular situation.

We represent clients who face all types of state criminal charges, including DUI, or drunk driving defense, domestic violence defense, bad checks, and casino debt defense, traffic violation defense, and other criminal charges in Las Vegas.

Our attorneys are experienced and are able to anticipate where your case is headed and we can help you make the right choices for you and your family. We understand that the criminal law system can be intimidating and confusing. When you have a question or issue, you want to speak with your lawyer so we stay accessible to our clients. Our staff is well trained and courteous and will always treat you with respect and care. We take the time to answer questions and help you make informed decisions. We appreciate that your choices will impact the rest of your life and you need to know your options. We want you to feel confident in your choice of representation, maintain a sense of control over your defense, and to get the quality service you deserve.

You need to know what you are up against. Call us now for a free case evaluation. We start working on your matter immediately, and in some cases, are able to avoid having criminal charges ever filed against you. The first consultation with us is always free whether you want to meet in person or discuss your case over the phone.

My husband and I spoke with many attorneys who did not seem to care about our problem as if we were lying , because the case is so far out from the truth. But Joseph Did the research and looked into everything to see what was really going on. The work he had done in one week was amazing! He made us both very happy with the work done so far. We hired another Vegas Attourney we paid $30,000 we hired previously which had nothing to show of progress, with just this little time Joseph has done a great job so far and it is great to have the stress gone down knowing we finally have a Attourney who does great work representating us.


One word… Acquittal!!! Mr. Iarussi was asked not to negotiate a plea bargain, and he didn’t. Sometimes, it’s so hard to stand our ground for justice, that we end up negotiating our freedom to lessen the threat facing us (as defendants). Mr. Iarussi, never questioned whether I should compromise my position or not. He gave me fangs in court.


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